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Uff da!

This poor, sometimes-misunderstood expression is most often known for its tone of exasperation. Well, that is one context for the use of the old Norwegian interjection. However, it’s not the only meaning.

“Uff Da!” can express exasperation, yes; but also, it can mean excitement, surprise, astonishment, alarm, inexpressible joy, relief, and much more. Just think of all the different ways that Wayne & Garth can nuance the expression, "Whoa, Duuuude!"

At its core, “Uff da!” most essentially means:

“I am overwhelmed!”

Blending documentary and portrait styles of photography for well-captured and beautifully-crafted images, my purpose as a people photographer is to document the story of your day, capture your true personality, show the most beautiful you, and help etch into memories some of the powerful moments — whether it’s joy, bittersweet tears, triumph, loss, or just totally goofy kid stuff.
  • Create the most beautiful you with artful lighting, composition, poses, and expression.
  • Capture the groom's goofy uncontrollable grin as the bride comes up the aisle.
  • Record Mom's and Dad's tears as they give their daughter away or steal that last dance together.
  • Freeze triumphant faces and upraised arms after scoring a goal.

These times — both the utterly joyful and the bittersweet — are moments that make life truly rich and just beg to be captured with quality photographs.

Uff Da! Be overwhelmed.

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Uff Da! Photography, LLC

Note: eshimage is Uff Da Photography, LLC. While in the process of some studio, business, and website organizational stuff, these names will remain synonymous. :)

I love what I do, I've been doing it for many years, and I get no better satisfaction than to see the huge smiles that sweep across faces as I deliver images.

Let me photograph you. It's way better than your arm's-length phone camera Facebook shots in the bathroom, right?