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:: UPDATED 06/07/2014 ::

Hi, RASA parents!

Savings With Featured Products

Note that when you are viewing any of your student's images, the most commonly-ordered
"traditional" print products are listed under "Featured Products" to the right of the image.

There are built-in savings when ordering packages (A, B, C, D); and when ordering individual sizes
of prints, you get increasing savings as you order increasing numbers of a print, if you use
the "Featured Products" list next to an image that you wish to purchase.

If you scroll to the bottom of that list, you can click to view the full catalog, which includes all sorts
of novelty items, as well.


There soon should be some coupon codes posted here for discounts on orders that reach different
tiers/dollar amounts. You would simply apply the appropriate coupon at the time when you are
checking out.

These will be 30-day discounts. I will try to post the expiration dates along with them.


To order the RASA 2014 student body collage poster, go to this separate gallery, click the image,
and then select your product from the list at the right.

Canvas Prints and RASA 2014 Square Poster Prints

I will be fulfilling these items through a separate vendor.

What this means is that when you are checking out, your shopping cart could be split into two
separate orders. (That's only if you have a canvas print or poster PLUS any other items from the

The way it will work is that when you go to check out, your cart should be clearly broken down
into the two separate orders, all summarized on one page. It will then have you do the payment
process two separate times. (It should walk you through it clearly, step-by-step.)

The non-canvas/poster items will go directly through the site's merchant services, meaning that
you will never exit the shopping cart site.

For processing the second part of the order with canvas/poster item(s), it will be processed through
PayPal. It will take you away from the shopping cart page for a brief bit, but it should return you to
the shopping cart page once the payment has been processed. You may still use a regular credit or
debit card and don't have to have a PayPal account to do this part of the payment process.

The reason I had to do it this way is that these particular products would cost THREE TIMES as
much through the main shopping cart vendor. Canvas and square prints are just not their specialty. :)

Still Want "When I Grow Up" Pictures?

Your child's images are still posted in a private gallery in here. If you no longer have your access
information for your student's "When I Grow Up" gallery, then contact me, letting me know which
student number they are for their spring portraits. (The student numbers and passwords are
different for the two different shoots.) I can provide you their access information again.

Questions? Problems?

If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly!

Now, scroll on down, click on the gallery for your student's number that's listed on the top left
corner of the pages in your information packet, enter the password, and you should be good to go!

John Hake

I'll be very happy to help. :)