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Woo-HOO! All images are now up in this gallery!

When viewing the images in the galleries, there will be a large "PROOF" watermark across them. That watermark will not be on any images that you order -- whether print, high-res digital download, or free Facebook-resolution digital download.

(The Facebook digital downloads do have a separate smaller watermark at the top edge of the picture, which you can see in their preview in the "Free Downloads" gallery.)

To Add Images To Your Cart

In thumbnail view, click the "Select" button near the top right of the page, then select all the images you want, and then hover over the "Buy" button near the top right of the page for a drop-down list of options.

Or, you may add one image at a time when in larger preview mode, simply by hovering over the image, then hovering over the "menu" drop-down that appears in the top left corner of the image.

Even for the free images, you still use the shopping cart method in order to download the pictures.