Rochester's REAL Santa Photos Are Up

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone!

As we've mentioned in a previous email (to those of you who received it), we were very overwhelmed by (and grateful for) the turnout to see and support Rochester's REAL Santa on November 20!

While it is a GOOD problem to have, we had not anticipated such a rush, and it dramatically impacted our originally-planned workflow (Read: We had to toss it out entirely), which originally would have worked just fine for the crowd size originally anticipated. So, in the end, we did our best to grab people's contact information so that we could then contact you later with access information to view your galleries.

With the last message sent out, the images were actually being uploaded right at that moment, and we had hoped to have everything available within a couple of days. Well, another couple of days beyond that, we still found ourselves trying to sort out the images, as we encountered several more obstacles (sign-ups out of order, illegible handwriting, etc.).

Even with being overrun, we had still originally planned to provide the galleries as individual private, password-protected galleries to all those whose contact info we could read; but, unfortunately, on the night of Santa's arrival (Friday, 11/20) the image numbers that were recorded next to individuals' contact information were also out of sync in such a way that we could not absolutely be sure in every case whose images belonged to which contact information.

So, even after several attempts at trying to figure out how to sort them, we finally decided that the best option is to group the images as well as we can into separate galleries with thumbnail images for each gallery/folder indicating who is in each gallery. And doing this, we had to make all of the folders work with one single password, since we aren't able to know exactly which galleries should be sent to which email addresses. 

(Note: For Santa photos taken after the first day — starting in ABC & Toy Zone the very next day — things were much better under control, and we still are providing individual passwords for those galleries.)

All this said...


The images are now all accessible.

  1. Go to this page: (This link should open into a new tab.) 
  2. Click on the group/date for when your photos were taken.
  3. Use the password provided in the email that was sent to you.

Or, you may also follow the link directly from your email to your specific photo day, go to the specified gallery, then use the password provided in your email.

If you did not receive an email with link and password, then please contact me (John Hake):


What's available:

There are lots options available for ordering, whether as digital downloads, traditional prints, cards, novelties, or value packages. You can access product options once you have clicked onto one of your images.

If you create a full login account on this site with a name and password, then it will remember any favorites that you select each time that you login. This can sometimes be helpful, such as if you wish to order several downloadable digitals. You can create an account here, using the "Create An Account" option on the right side of the page.


If you would like your gallery made fully private for you, alone:

Please contact John Hake (that's me) at eshimage (, 507-250-3835) and provide...

  • The gallery number where you found your photos
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • And specify that you would like your gallery to made private for you alone

I will then, at my earliest opportunity (usually by end of the day), secure your gallery with its own unique password and send you the direct link and new password.


Go to Santa's gallery page.