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Santa photos are here!

Thanks to everyone for your great support and patience as we've played catch-up from the overwhelming first night of photos when Rochester's REAL Santa first arrived at Miracle Mile.

Things are now going much more smoothly, and we look forward to a more streamlined process in the future!

Note that, in order to what we could to speed things along at least a little bit, we have done very little culling of images. So here they are: The good, the bad, the sharp, the blurry, the smiles, the outtakes...

Before ordering, be sure to view images at the larger sizes before ordering, paying special attention to focus on the eyes. Especially when there are more than one person in the photo with Santa, there is often going to be more soft/blurry focus on at least someone, as we are forced by the space to shoot from up pretty close with the camera, which causes us to have only a small range of distance that can be in focus before things go blurry. We do our best, while jockeying for an angle, to get at least a shot or two for every child — from 9 weeks to 99 years old. :)

And while we do offer all kinds of prints and novelties, if you are budget-conscious, then my recommendation for best value is simply to purchase the digital download(s), as you can then use the images all you want for printing, and for posting on Facebook, which should automatically size it down for you.

See the list of "Featured Products" out to the right of an image (once clicked on one to view at larger size). To view the full list of products, you may scroll to the bottom of that list and click the link to view all products.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me (John Hake). While it's a very busy season, I will reply as quickly as I possibly can.

Thanks, and happy holidays!