Justin Danickotyme(non-registered)
You guys rock! We've been to several weddings that had photo booths, but none of the others came anywhere close to yours! The others were all where you had to cram into an actual booth, and wait for the flash. Yours was amazing! It was fun, roomy, and you guys got so many awesome angles!

And your prints are incredible! The others looked kind of like someone just took a crap in an album. But yours are better than anything we could ever print at the photo store!

Thanks for such a fun experience.
Char Bledsoe(non-registered)
John, what a blast! When we first met with you, we KNEW we wanted you to photograph our wedding. Thanks for releasing some of the pictures to us early. (I know, I know... We were just really eager.) :)

We absolutely love them, and my family is thrilled. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

BTW: Will you be doing them ALL with both the color and the black/white? Love it!
F. Schreiber(non-registered)
Thanks so much for covering our big day! You were fantastic! We absolutely love the pictures, it's obvious you put much love and effort into what you do.

And lots of family and friends at the wedding (even some camera shy ones) commented on how you made it such a fun atmosphere, making the camera much less scary! lol
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